"I'm one of those people that knew what art/ink they wanted for years, but was willing to wait as long as required to find a tattoo shop that had the reputation and abilities to create something I knew I would be proud of.  After 10+ years I found Snapdragon.... they exceeded my expectations by miles!!!" 



I wanted to find an artist whose "focus" was in-line with artist of all other genres, I wanted my artist to work because they love what they do, not because of the cash in my hand.  Years back I went to a shop in Oneonta and I was happy with the work, but only because I didn't know any better.  The Oneonta shop was resistant to my ideas, but only because it was difficult for the artist.  Now many tattoos later after working with Snapdragon... I know the difference between not "wanting" to do the work, and not doing the work because I would ultimately be unhappy with the result.  Snapdragon was incredibly open to my ideas up to the point of where they potentially wouldn't be proud of the end result, in which case a friendly discussion ensued explaining to me why I/customer would not be happy in the long run, and would provide art that was better than I could have expected.  These folks are PURE artist and they care about the end result... there is no rushing on their part, they know how important "forever" is!!!  Good people, great music & atmosphere!


~Scott Dibble