Some of you may know me or “of me” from my Long Island days.  I started tattooing in 1978 (I think).  I got into it sort of by chance and it took off.  I hit the tattoo scene at the time people were starting to do more “artwork” rather than flash tattoos. My background and experience prepared me for this...


I got busy, REALLY BUSY! I was working 6 days a week for 8-10 hours in the shop and then art work at home till 3am – 4am in the morning.  I worked at “Peter Tat 2” in West Hempstead, Long Island, New York.  I was always booked weeks or months in advance.  I worked at Peter’s for over 21 years.  In the late 80’s I bought property in Upstate New York.  I started spending more and more time on long weekends camping, hunting, and enjoying the woods.  Eventually we had a cabin built and could come up in the winter.  Little by little going back to the island was becoming depressing, the smell, the noise, traffic and what I call the “asshole factor”.  At some point we had “enough”, so when my husband could retire we added a house to the cabin and moved upstate.  That was back in 2000.  I tattooed for a bit in Oneonta, that did not work out and in September of 2001 I rented a shop in Delhi, New York.  It needed work (a LOT of work).  Then 9/11 happened.  Nobody was sure what was going on, but I was pushed forward and opened in November.  Starting all over again.

So here I am, still tattooing, still loving it (I just pay for it more physically…ouch)!!  Now I only work 5 days per week, usually Tuesday through Saturday, Noon – 6pm, sometimes later if needed.  I have a couple of artists that work in the shop this helps a lot!  This way I can work on my “woodpile” on Sunday and Monday in between mowing the grass and watering the vegetable garden.  If there’s time and the water is warm enough, I jump in the pond for a swim.  I’m trying to balance work and work, and a little play so I can enjoy the property and my crazy Golden Retrievers.  There is no cell service at my home, and I disconnected the computer after my husband passed.  So if anyone needs to get in touch (I’m old school, I’m no school….) DIAL the phone!  Call me at 607-746-6202 and if you need to send artwork, print it and stick it in the mail!  What a fucking concept!  J 

…and if you are local, stop in so we can have a real face to face conversation! Wow!  I am not the social media type, it took a bit of convincing to have a web site!!!