Scott Doenges

My name is Scott Doenges, I am the father of six unique children and a proud grandfather of six bouncing bundles of joy thus far.  I learned very early on in life that God blessed me with a very special talent, and found myself drawing on just about anything, from my desks in school, to most of my school books.  I recall as a young boy, most of my teachers being irritated with me for not paying attention.  As I got older, the artwork got better and my teachers madder. 

By the time I reached high school, it was pretty obvious that academics wasn’t my strong suit, yet the art kept improving.  I took every elected art course available, and became very interested in architecture.  I recall as a junior deciding to take vocational classes in architecture which I excelled in, and at that time was confident that I was going to become an architect.  Then reality set in, six years of college, and then years of work under an architect before I could become licensed… let’s just say… “Not interested”. 

I graduated from school, and said to myself “now what?”  Since both my Dad and Stepfather were building and plumbing contractors, I figured with the knowledge and architecture background, I’ll swing a hammer and throw away my talent.  I worked hard as a builder for 15 years, woke up one morning and said to myself “what am I doing?!”  I always loved tattoos, and had many by then, I knew I would love to be a tattoo artist but never gave it much thought.  I happened to be surfing the web late one night and found a site that sold tattoo supplies and equipment.  I figured I can draw, how hard can it be?!!!  Let’s just say, one of the hardest mediums I’ve ever worked with in all my art experience.  Six years, I tried to teach myself the art of tattooing.  I did some nice pieces, or at least I thought so, and then my fiancé convinced me to pursue this new passion.  I can honestly sat that’s when I finally decided tattooing as what I wanted to do.  I met an amazing tattoo artist and asked her if she would apprentice me, and it wasn’t until then that I really saw the light and learned that tattooing is truly a talent.  You can teach a monkey to tattoo, but that doesn’t make a tattoo artist.  A true tattoo artist is hard to come by.  I’ve been tattooing professionally now going on my fifth year, and can honestly say I learn something new with every piece that I do.  I believe the day that stop learning is the day you develop what I like to call the Rock Star Attitude.  A true tattoo artist will listen to their client, make suggestions, and give professional opinions, but at the end of the day the client is the one wearing the art for the rest of their life.  So… what they want, is what I will do, nor should the client ever be made to feel like they should be honored to sit in my chair because I am a tattoo artist. The one that should be honored is ME, for my client to have enough trust and faith in me to allow me to alter their body for the rest of their life… the honor is all mine, and I put everything I have into every single piece I tattoo.

My style has transformed from what we call traditional, to more fine, softly lined realistic style.  This style allows for intense detail, resulting in a unique feminine style that’s very detailed, soft, and elegant.  Tattooing has become a true art form in our society with many different styles, all having their own characteristics.  I have found that involving my client in all aspects of the design process, designing something with meaning to them, instead of letting them pick #324 off the wall, makes for a much happier client.  I often hear clients either come in saying “I asked for one thing and this is what I got” or “the artist wouldn’t do what I wanted”.  Often customers want tattoos in areas that are… yes… “very sexy” but maybe haven’t given much thought to ten years from now, or after a child, or employment requirements, etc, etc.  I always try to offer my opinion and ensure the customer is aware of these things, but at the end of the day it is your body, and I’m just the artist, like any public service… The Customer is Always Right!!