With over 50 years experience, SnapDragon Ink & Tattoo has the best talent in the area hands down.  We encourage you to shop around, ask for referrals, this is after all Art that you will wear forever!  Choosing the right artist for you is a seemingly simple decision, but it is an important one... a very important one.  We believe the best talent in the area is right here in our Delhi, N.Y. shop.  If we don't have the right artist for you, then we are more than willing to discuss your needs and to help you find someone that works best for you by educating you on what to look for and what to avoid.  If we can't give you the best of body art you've ever imagined, then we are willing to help you find it.


Tattoo Therapy.  We get it.  We have tattoos, we understand what you are saying and we deliver it.  We maintain a relaxed atmosphere that is foremost clean, comfortable, with good music and great conversation.  Many of our customers end up changing their title to "friend" with repeat work and getting to know one another.  Check out our work, both new and old and discover the difference between SnapDragon Tattoo & Ink and the rest.  You'll be back, and we're delighted to work with you!!!

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Marguerite doing what she does best!


Some of you may know me or “of me” from my Long Island days.  I started tattooing in 1978 (I think).  I got into it sort of by chance and it took off.  I hit the tattoo scene at the time people were starting to do more “artwork” rather than flash tattoos. My background and experience prepared me for this...


Scott Doenges

My name is Scott Doenges, I am the father of six unique children and a proud grandfather of six bouncing bundles of joy thus far.  I learned very early on in life that God blessed me with a very special talent, and found myself drawing on just about anything, from my desks in school, to most of my school books.  I recall as a young boy, most of my teachers being irritated with me for not paying attention.  As I got older, the artwork got better and my teachers madder.