The most talented artists create the highest quality art

Every tattoo shop is different, they are as unique as the artist themselves.  At SnapDragon we are a collection of artists with differing styles and application techniques, each tattoo is designed and styled through the eyes of the artist and you.  We encourage our customers to come meet with us and discuss their tattoo piece so that we can help you identify the best artist to work with that will best reflect your style & tastes. 

As with many professions, tattoo art is compromised of many different skills, all of which are required to create a piece that you are happy with.  You cannot simply be an expert at the application of a tattoo, well you could limit it to that, but that would mean your artwork must already be complete.  It requires the vision of an artist with years of experience to convert any artwork into a piece that not only looks well as a tattoo, but also looks well with any pre-existing tattoos, placement on your body, as well as enough detail to create an outstanding piece without creating so much detail that your tattoo won't age well.  This can't be taught, it comes with years of experience.


The collective experience of the artist we have here at SnapDragon doesn't exist anywhere else in the area. Period.  We strongly encourage that our new customers come meet with us and discuss your idea prior to making an appointment.  This will give your artist an opportunity to meet with you, and get to know you first.  Let's not underestimate just how important this is!  A tattoo needs to reflect your personality and we accomplish this by identifying the correct artist for you as well as custom drawing of your work at no extra charge.  We love what we do here, and consider it a great responsibility to apply art to the human body... the day we take this for granted is the day we close our doors.  Your tattoo will be on you forever and we take this seriously and we do whatever is required to create a life long lasting piece that you will forever be proud of.

Experience, skill, and a passion for what we do is what makes us the best... come visit us and see for yourself, we can't wait to meet you!

~The SnapDragon Crew